In order to install happierleads on WP Elementor theme you will need to follow these simple steps:

Before eveyrthing try to Login to your WordPress Elementor Dashboard

  1. Go to the Plugins menu and Find and install a plugin called: CSS & Javascript Toolbox

2. Click “Activate” button on the Plugin

3. Click on the new menu that will be appeared with this name " CSS & Javascript Toolbox”. Yo may need refresh the page if is not there.

4. Click “New Code Block” menu

5. Add any name you like and put the following settings. Don’t forget to tick “Activate”. Then click Create.

6. Go to Happierleads website and copy our code.

7. Paste our code to the new Box.

8. Make sure you select all pages from the right menu.

9. Click Save button

10. Go to your page and clear the cache.

11. Go back to your happierleads and click the “Verify Installation” button

If this is still not verified please talk to us using the chat (faster) or by booking a meeting with us (same day availability) and we will try to help you installed.

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