Happierleads is the leading website visitor tracking tool for remote Working from Home teams worldwide.

How is traditional reverse IP working?

We have a huge database with companies and static companies (IP ranges) and when a visitor works from an office or a VPN we can match them on our backend and show you that this is the company behind it.

How is Happierleads WFH tracking is working?

We have a network of big Enterprises that shares data-sets with us. We cannot reveal our partner network but think of an example:

Imagine big companies like Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot that know their user's home IP addresses and they know their business domain (as they sign in every day to their services). They do not share with us the actual email address but they share a home IP and a domain name.

This information is enough for us to make the matching so we don't have to base only on static office IPs

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