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How do I fix the "This app is blocked" error message?
How do I fix the "This app is blocked" error message?
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Note: if you encounter this pop-up through Google Tag Manager, it is due to our ongoing process of awaiting approval from Google, as this feature is currently in the BETA phase.

Having the following message when trying to install Drag? No problem.

Occasionally, company settings prevent the addition of third-party apps without explicitly allowing them.

In this case, all you need to do is to add Drag in your list of trusted apps.

These settings are configurable by your Google Workspace account Administrator. If you are the administrator of your Google Workspace account, follow the steps below. Otherwise, send this article to your Google Workspace administrator so they can follow the steps for you.

Click here to control which third-party and internal apps can access your Google Workspace data.

Click on "Configure new app" and select "OAuth App Name Or Client ID".

Use the following Client ID for our app: and click on "Search".

Select the option "Trusted: can access all Google services" and click on "configure".

Go back to Gmail and refresh the page. You should be able to install Drag in your account now.

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