Unlocking Contacts
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Once you've selected your contacts, you can unlock these contacts by sending them to engage or sending them to a list.

This will use one credit per contact once you've unlocked a contact.

Sending them to Engage

If you click on Send in Campaign, the Schedule Contacts will come up.

You'll have the option to select your campaign, email accounts and choose your verification. We will automatically verify these contacts.

When you click Schedule, you will be scheduling these contacts into your chosen settings.

Sending contacts to lists

Transferring these contacts to the Lists allows you to download the data from Happierleads. Rest assured, if you change your mind, you can also schedule these companies into an Engage campaign.

Once your contacts have been selected, click Save to list.

You can either select or create a list. Once this has been done, your selected list will appear in the grey box.

All you'll need to do is click Save and your contacts will appear in the list section.

You'll have the option to export this data from Happierleads as a CSV file. Once processed, you'll receive the CSV via email, so be sure to double-check your spam/junk folder.

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