What is a Webhook?

Webhooks are automated messages sent from Happierleads when we Identify a new Lead. They have a message—or payload—and are sent to a unique URL.

Webhooks are almost always faster than polling and require less work on your end. They're much like SMS notifications.

This way you can build an API that Accepts POST requests and insert this URL into our system.

Step 1: Visit your Websites page and click where it says "Webhooks"

Step 2:

Go to your Pabbly, Intergomat, or wherever you use the webhooks.

Step 3:

Click Send Test data and Save button to send a sample request to the webhook.

Test the structure on the other side (Pabbly, Intergomat e.t.c)

Step 4:

If everything looks ok Click Save

After you do that you will be able to receive a POST request in this URL every time we Identity a new Lead.

We have a delay of 30 min before we send you the webhook and this is because we want to capture the whole user journey. So we allow them to visit multiple pages and then we report it after 30 min.

Quick notes:

- We use POST method only
- Webhooks do not work in Localhost because your API must be in a production server (LIVE)
- If this lead returns again you will only get Identified the first time to ensure there are no duplicates on the results.

  • We are not returning all the data every time. Some of the data will be null as is impossible to have all the data especially for small startups (e.g. revenue, employee size) The data you will always going to receive is the domain, createdAt, session, and contacts when this is possible.

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