Integrating with Zapier
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You will need to connect this via your Zapier account. You cannot do this via the Happierleads platform.

  1. To get started with Zapier you must make a zap

2. Then choose the Webhooks option on the right bottom of the screen

3. On the options available select "Catch Hook" and click continue

4. Copy this URL and place it on Happierleads Webhooks page

5. Then click Send Test data button to send your test data to Zapier side

6. If the request was successful, click "Save" so you can save your webhook to Happierleads.

7. Go back to zapier and click "test trigger"

You should see a sample request like this.

8. The next step is to connect the trigger to an action. For example, you can send an email in Gmail. See the following example. The data from the test request are now populated and you can use them accordingly.

Now you're done! This marks the completion, and from now on, a Zapier action will be triggered whenever a new lead is identified.

3 Major objects

sessions: All the information about the session

company: All the info about the company (firmographics, technographics e.t.c)

contacts: All the employee contacts

For more info about the data structure please look into the webhooks article

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