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How the Limits and Credits work
How the Limits and Credits work

Terminology about how credits are used for the platform

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Happierleads operates on a monthly credit system. Upon subscribing to a plan, your credits will be automatically allocated, and your quota will reset every month, commencing from the date of your subscription.

As an illustration, if you subscribe on the 5th of October, your credit reset will occur on the 5th day of each subsequent month.

Credits are used for Reveal, Prospector, Enrich and Email Verification.

πŸ‘£ Reveal

1 credit = A business that visits your website from the very first time. Credits are automatically taken for Reveal.

No further credits will be taken after the very first visit from that business. Doesn't matter how many times the employee or the employees visit your website,

Dealing with a lot of traffic on your website? Manage your credits with the settings on your workspace. Blacklist countries HQ locations, company domain names and certain pages on your website.

We recommend that if you've got low traffic, do not use these settings at all as you can filter out via the Reveal dashboard.

πŸ” Prospector

1 credit = Unlocking a contact or business.

To unlock contacts via people, you will need to send them to Engage or Lists.

To unlock details via Business, you can only send them to Lists.

🏒 Enrich

1 Credit = The first time searching for a domain name and accessing contact details from a contact.

No credits will be further deducted if you search for the same domain name again.

Upon clicking Access contact details for a contact, a credit will be deducted.

βœ‰οΈ Engage and Email Verification

1 Credit = An unverified contact sent from Lists to Engage.

Any contacts you import into your Happierleads account will need to run through a verification because we can't send email to unverified contacts.

1 Credit = Email Verification for a contact outside Happierleads via Lists.

You have the option to upload contacts with email addresses for the purpose of conducting double checks to verify the validity of the provided emails.

Unlimited Contact details Disclaimer

When you come across the term "unlimited contact details," it signifies our capability to retrieve an extensive amount of contact information specifically for the companies you have identified. To clarify, if you have pinpointed 3000 companies, the term "unlimited" pertains to our ability to furnish contact details for all 3000. Please note that this does not imply an unlimited provision of contact details beyond the scope of the identified 3000 companies.

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