🏢 Identified Leads/Companies

1000 leads that means that we can Identify 1000 companies

For example ibm.com, airbnb.com e.t.c

😀 Contact Credits

100 contact credits mean simply that from those companies, we have already Identified, can execute 100 employee contact searches.

For example [email protected], [email protected] e.t.c

  • We charge you 1 credit for a search, not 1 credit for one email. So even if the search returns 5000 employees we still charge you only 1 credit.
  • We do not charge you a credit if you never reveal this info.
  • We do not charge you a credit twice if you visit again the same contact information.

📇 Generic contact Details

As generic contact details, we mean any contact detail that is not related to a human but instead to a department.

For example [email protected], [email protected] e.t.c

Unlimited Contact details Disclaimer

If you ever saw the term unlimited contact details, we simply mean that we can find unlimited contact information for those companies you have Identified. For example, if you Identified 3000 companies the unlimited refers to the fact that we can find unlimited contact details for those 3000. This does not mean we can provide you with unlimited contact details outside of this context.

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