How to connect FullStory with Happierleads to send real-time data and personalize website experiences using the Happierleads add-on.

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Connect Fullstory with Happierleads

You can send any information Happierleads has in real-time to FullStory by accessing the Happierleads data in real-time.

PS: You need to buy the website personalization add-on. Talk to our support to enable access and remember to clean your cache after that.

if(window.happierleadsData &&
window.happierleadsData.company && window.happierleadsData.company.domain){
happierleadsDomain : window.happierleadsData.company.domain,

You can add any information you need but make sure you add a check as the only one that is going to be there 100% of the time is the domain. So surround your code with if checks like the above example.

PS: Remember Happierleads cannot Identify 100% of the website traffic so you will get data only when we have them.

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