Integrating with HubSpot
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Step 1

Go to you Happierleads homepage and select Integrations in the navigation bar .

Step 2

Locate HubSpot on the page and under it should say connect, do this and login etc. It should then indicate it is connected.

Step 3

Then in the navigation bar select Leads. Next to each lead you should now see the HubSpot icon.

Step 4

Click the icon and it will open a box as shown above that will ask you to select the HubSpot account to send the contact to. There is an indicator that will pop up on the bottom right of the page to show the contact has been saved.


All contacts already saved to your HubSpot account will have an orange HubSpot logo next to it. If you click the company it will then take you to the HubSpot page for it.

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