If the installation is not working within 5 min try to validate if you installed the script correctly:

1. First thing you have to do is to right click -> inspect and click console tab

If you see this it means that it is installed correctly:

HL: 3.0.0 (any version will do)

If the script is successfully installed you should see the following message on the console tab. That will mean that the script is successfully installed. If you see this try to logout and login again to our platform just in case.

2. If you do not see this blue stripe try to clear your browser cache and try again and follow the next steps and then keep trying this to validate if the script is installed.

3. Try to see if you have any server cache enabled like cloudflare, cloudfront or Wordpress cache and and delete it from the server.

4. If you use GTM (Google Tag Manager) the most common mistake we see is that people forget the publish the Tag which is the last but most important aspect of the installation.

5 If you haven't use GTM try to right click on your page -> view source code and click CTR + F and search the word "Happierleads" if you don't see the code it means the happierleads snippet is not installed. If you see the code snippet but still not able to verify it. Then it means that there is some discrepancy between the code you installed and the code you see on our Dashboard. Try to verify by reading character by character the 2 scripts. Even one comma to be missing and pay attention to detail for example those quotes are not the same " ' `.

6. If you haven't been able to debug always ask for help from our team. We will be happy to even get in a call with you to help you out.

Extra steps:

If is installed with any other way except of GTM (Google Tag Manager) then you can double check if the code exists on the source code by doing right click + view page source.

Then Do a search (Ctrl + F) and search the word "happierleads" if this is not found then the code is not installed.

If it is found double check that the code is exactly the same and it is not malformed

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