Installing the Script

A general guide on installing the script

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To get started with Reveal, you will need to install our script onto your website.

Check out our installation guides for more details on each installation.

Please note: We recommend that you have your web developer to install the script as installing the script incorrectly can happen.

How to get started

You'll need to install our script onto your website.

If you haven't installed the script yet, the Reveal dashboard will automatically redirect you there, or you can find the installation settings under 'Happierleads Tracking Pixel'.

Select your installation method.

If you cannot find your method, simply click Other. All of the options have guidances in case you get stuck.

Click on Copy Code (blue button on guidance) to make sure you've copied it correctly -

Once you have followed the guidances, give it 5 minutes and you will need to check everything has been installed correctly.

You may have to clear your caches on your website.

Two key checks for a correct installation:

1. Your last verification on the Reveal dashboard -

This can be found on the Reveal Dashboard or your settings. Just hover over the little green cloud icon. Anything over a day, please contact our team so we can check over.

2. The console on your website. If you see this inside the console of your website -

HL: 3.0.0 (any version will do)

This means the script has been successfully installed. (just simply right click on your website, click inspect and console once the side pop up appears)

If you have any issues with the two checks, please contact customer support.

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