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Learn how to send your leads from Reveal to Engage

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There are two ways you can send contacts to Engage from Reveal. The Manual or Automatic way

Manual Way

  • Go onto the Reveal dashboard.

  • Click on a company/domain name

  • Go onto Contacts

  • Find a contact, go to the right side and look for the Engage Icon -

Automatic Way

  • Click on the Integration Icon -

  • Select Add new automation -

  • Under 'When', select 'A new lead is identified' then under 'Then', select 'Send to Email Campaign'. After that, the path choice is up to you. We recommend that you complete the full path and name the automation something clear to remember.

After that, give it sometime before we start automatically send emails.

You can Pause, edit and delete automations at anytime. Just click on the three dots -

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