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Connecting Your Gmail Account
Connecting Your Gmail Account

A step by step guide on how to connect your Gmail account

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In this article, you will learn how to connect your Gmail account to the platform, enabling you to initiate email communication with your leads.

Please be advised that you will need to create your app password. Instead of your actual email password, the app password will go into your Mailbox setup.

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Written Guide

Firstly, go over to integrations and select Connect your Mailbox-

Once selected, click on Other Providers.

Next, open a new tab to create your app password.

Head over to your Gmail and click Manage your Google account, Search 'App password' or select Security and 2-step verification.

If you haven't turned on 2-step verification, you will need to do so.

After 2-step verification, scroll all the way down to app password.

Create any name that will remind you of the app password -

Select create. Your password will come up right away and you will need to copy this.

Go back onto your Happierleads tab and enter your details. You'll only have to enter the app password once on Mailbox setup. This will carry over to your Test connection.

Once completed, you'll move onto Test connection. This is where you'll enter your SMTP and IMAP settings -





Click on Test Settings, allow a moment for the process, and wait for the green pop-up to confirm that the test has been completed. Once confirmed, proceed by clicking Continue.

You'll move onto the last two steps - Email Account Limits and Signature.

Email Account Limits let's you set up your limits of how many emails you send per day. The maximum limit you can set this is 500.

We advise against immediate implementation of this setting. Proceed at your own risk.

We recommend initiating with a low number, such as 10-20 per day then increase the limits once you monitor the sent emails going into junk/spam. You have the flexibility to adjust this at any time.

Signature is one of the custom fields to add when sending an email. Enter this custom field inside Engage. We recommend filling in this information -

After you've clicked finish, your email will be successfully connected and appear in the integrations like this -

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