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Find out how to use Reveal and understand what information to look for

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Once you have installed the script, you will be good to go with Reveal.

If you haven't already, check out how to install the script or trouble shooting if your last verification is over a day or we haven't tracked any leads recently.

Dashboard of Reveal

To see what companies are coming onto your website, you will be presented a list of domain name from that company. We will also provide you more details such as the behaviour from the company, some firmographic data and personalised tags you can manually add.

Time Range and CSV File

By default, Happierleads will show you the companies that has visited your website within the last 7 days. You can change this by clicking on the 'Last 7 days' box and choosing from one of the option including a custom range.

If you want to take this data outside of Happierleads, you can download a CSV file. Download company information or contact information. This will directly go into your emails you use to sign into Happierleads (Always check your spam box just in case)

Filters and Segments

Want to filter out your leads? On the left hand side, a selections of filters will be available.

Once you've filtered out your leads, you can have the option to save this as a segment. Scroll to the bottom and click Save Smart View. Enter a custom name and your segment will be saved on the top.

Firmographic data, Visits and Contact details

Once you click onto a domain name, you will be presented with firmographic data, Visits and Contact details like this -

You can click on the domain name which will take you to the website. All of the firmographic data shown is scrapped from the web.

Scrolling down, the visits tab will be shown first -

Each visit Happierleads track will be shown with where they came from, country of that employee and what pages they are landing on. Use this information to understand what they could be interested in before reaching out.

We will also provide you UTM information. No additional set up is required, just make sure you've got the UTM links in place.

If you click on the contacts tab, you will be able to find contacts from that company -

With the contact information, we will provide their name, job title, if they are a decision maker or not, email address, phone number and LinkedIn profile. Use this information to get in contact with your key decision makers to get the ball rolling.

Just like our firmographic data, all of our contact information has been scrapped from the web.

Switching Workspaces

Firstly, what is a workspace? A workspace serves as an overview for individuals or teams. A workspace doesn't have to be dedicated per website, and Team Members can be selected or deselected from different workspaces.

For instance, if you have two teams dedicated to handling inbound and outbound leads, you can create two separate workspaces.

To switch workspaces, head over to the bottom left and click on the brief case -

Once you choose a workspace, you'll transition to that specific workspace. Additionally, you have the option to mark workspaces as favorites, especially when managing multiple ones.

If you need any additional help, reach out to our web chat support team for help.

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